Photography is something my dad gave to me. Not just in the Olympus 35mm film camera he showed me how to use, but in the quiet retreat it offers when the world gets a bit noisy. Photography to me is a way of slowing everything down and noticing – especially with film - and also a way to collect memories.

In 2014, I left a career as a financial journalist in London to study an art history Masters in Manchester. It was here I discovered the endless possibilities and magic in chemical methods of making photographs.

While I also print from colour negatives digitally, my first true love is black and white manual printing. I love the space a questionably exposed negative can offer in the darkroom. It makes me work harder, going backwards and forwards from the enlarger to the trays to the sink and back again, looking closely, splitting the image and adapting the light and grade for the next try.

Last year, I was selected for a photography talent programme in Manchester through Redeye - The Photography Network and put into an artist group of  six photographers called Unio Collective. I recently showed work with this collective at Liverpool Biennial 2018 in collaboration with Open Eye Gallery; we are currently working towards a second group exhibition for FORMAT International Photography Festival 2019. For the latter, I am working on a project looking at ideas of identity and self expression, past and present, inside the homes of the LGBTQ+ community.